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You can now create a multiple row and column table that is easily customized to fit your needs. So, if you need to create a schedule, cutlist or legend look no further than the new Table tool.

You can further customize your table by editing the Shape Style settings for lines and cell fills. These styles can be applied to other tables with the Styles Tool. You can now import. Spreadsheets imported to LayOut are dynamically referenced just like SketchUp models and image files. If your linked file changes, you can update the reference to display the new data or re-link to an updated spreadsheet. From XSLX files, you can import any sheet you like and also formatting you’ve already dialed in.

An intentional bonus: it’s now pretty easy to create beautiful tables from the data in your SketchUp model. Use Generate Report or an extension like Cutlist to generate a. If your tables typically use a certain style, you can save a styled table in a scrapbook. When you’re ready to create a new table, bring in your sample from the scrapbook. You can then enter data in LayOut or insert data into the table from an external file.

When inserting. As stated in the SketchUp portion, Persistent IDs will benefit LayOut by providing a unique, persistent ID to keep dimensions and labels attached to the desired geometry even when the model changes. When an existing file that had been labeled and dimensioned prior to our implementation of PID’s is opened, LayOut will attempt to connect to the object directly below. These disconnects will be shown with a non printable red box around the text.

Now you can drag the dimension line without affecting the dimension’s offsets or connections. The long awaited and often requested feature is now in your hands. Offset away on lines, arcs, rectangles, circles, polygons and objects with boundaries. LayOut objects will be contained in paperspace while non-perspective SketchUp objects will be placed in a scaled modelspace viewport.

Perspective views will be hidden line drawings contained in the paperspace. Native DWG Objects: Circles, Arcs and Dimensions, Linear and Angular along with Labels will now export as native DWG objects, so your dimensions will not be exploded, and circles and arcs will no longer be segmented splines by default. Our new Table entity is also exported as a native DWG table.

You can always uncheck this option if not desired. If the user checks the color by layer option, we disregard all LayOut’s color information and assign an index color to each LayOut layer. All entities on a layer are exported as one color. If the option is unchecked, black is exported as index 7.

Other colors are exported as true colors. Clipping Masks: Clipping masks over images and SketchUp viewports are now exported instead of being ignored. Annotation: Text and how it is exported has been revised to be the correct font, location and scale. In previous versions of LayOut, it’s been easy to inadvertently move things when attempting to do a click-drag selection.

We’ve added a modifier key Cmd on Mac, Alt on Win to allow you to click-drag without moving anything! LayOut has been updated to take full advantage of the new Graphics Pipeline work completed within SketchUp.

In order for us to do this we had to do some major work under our hood. As a result, we will also have the same restrictions mentioned in the SketchUp Graphics Pipeline section. LayOut will pick up SketchUp’s colorblind preferences.

Our outstanding community of passionate experts have answers to your questions. Help Center. Licensing, Accounts and Administration. If you haven’t downloaded and installed SketchUp Pro, please do so. Open the Finder and click on Applications. Browse to the SketchUp folder. Click on the SketchUp icon. View original.

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The University of Iowa has a set of licenses available for the SketchUp Pro program to be used on campus. This offset tool can able to avoid self intersecting geometry and overlapping automatically. Ensures that a website is free of malware attacks. Opacity multiple transparencies.


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