Private Student Loan Underwriting Guidelines

These are the main Private Student Loans Guidelines & Institutions that we allow and work with:

  1. Sallie Mae (Privately Issued Student Loans Only)
  2. AES aka American Education Services
    (Privately Issued Student Loans Only)
  3. ACS (Privately Issued Student Loans Only)
  4. Navient (Privately Issued Student Loans Only)
  5. Education Management Corp. (EDMC)
  6. Bank of America Student Loans
  7. Wells Fargo Student Loans
  8. Citibank Student Loans
  9. Chase Student Loans
  10. Credible (Privately Issued Student Loans Only
  11. Nelnet (Privately Issued Student Loans Only)
  12. Texas Guard
  13. Genesis Financial
  14.  Sofi Loans
  15. Key Bank / Regions Bank and all small chain banks across the U.S.


And all smaller banks that issue student loans are considered Private since they are regular banks not Federally Issued Student Loans.

The Minimum Total Debt Amount of Student Loans to be able to enroll is 10K+ The Minimum Private Student Loan amount per account to be able to enroll is $750.00 Per Account.

How long is the term of your Private Student Loan? How many years is your loan?

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