Stress is a normal reaction to something that is considered a challenge or threat. Everyone gets stressed at times. It is important to understand that the same situation can produce different levels of stress in different people.

For example: Negotiating over a price is very stressful for some people, yet positively enjoyable for others.

Stress is also a natural part of life and is even healthy in small doses. When it builds-up, it can start to do more harm than good.

When under stress the human body prepares for action. This preparation is often referred to as the “fight or flight” response. In the short term, the physical change it brings about makes a person stronger and more alert. This natural response is designed to help a person get out of trouble.

Other times it can help get someone through a job, or adjust to a major change, like the arrival of a new child. As debt builds up, it’s easy to feel stressed out.

When we talk to new clients it is very easy to hear the pain and frustration in their voices. It’s also a great experience to talk to the same clients after a couple of months and hear the difference: from frustration to confidence.

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