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Feb 18,  · The next Windows 10 Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) release. Feb 18 PM. Windows 10 introduced Windows as a service, a method of continually providing new features and capabilities through regular feature updates. Semi-Annual Channel versions of Windows, such as version , version , and version 20H2, are released twice per year. Apr 09,  · Windows 10 IOT Enterprise LTSC (Long-Term Servicing Channel) is a long-term support variant of Windows 10 Enterprise released every 2 to 3 years. Each release is supported with security updates for 10 years after its release, and intentionally receive no feature updates. Jun 24,  · * replace.meRDiCJUNEGen2* Version Build [ RELEASE INFO ]* This release contains one ISO [SOURCE ISO] and 4.

Windows 10 enterprise 2019 ltsc 1903 free download.Windows 10 X64 Enterprise LTSC 2019


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I’m at the point where the software wants the newer features, but postponing a Windows feature upgrade for X months is still not a workable solution. LTSC is the best way forward for me since my licensing allows me to use it. It is time that I start working on new images in preparation for the Summer work to get everything ready for the Fall semester. In my experience most people I met are upset about the SAC because they still do manual images, sysprep and all the stuff as they did ever since.

Tammy Thanks, I guess that didn’t click. Might be an issue and I guess I’ll find out in the next few months when I log in and check for a download. It would be sad to see this option go because there are a lot of places that aren’t connected to internet, etc. We work on a hardware cycle every 5-ish years, so the new term isn’t a big deal to me.

But sometime I need to get with the current times and set up something like MDM. I would say SCCM, our college has this running, but the costs the last time I checked were far more than my little department can afford.

I’m technically a separate everything from the college, the only thing I share is the internet connection behind my own firewall. About 60 workstations at this time, so pretty small in the grand scheme of things. Joe Lurie do you know anyone who’s working on the update history pages?

I have asked Aria Carley many weeks ago and she passed it on, but it wasn’t fixed. In fact it’s super easy to upgrade those versions since you do not have to worry about all the other superfluous, non-OS essential things that are in the normal Win10 versions.

Also, lol to anyone who has to support embedded machines and now have to deal with an out-of-support OS within 5 years, hell there were still embedded things running WinXp not more than a few years ago. Microsoft should stick to the model of LTSC being 10 years, it works well in edu where we don’t want the store and to be honest we won’t run them for 10 years, but it’s reassuring to know that an old machine tucked away is still going to get security updates and when there are over machines to update, that have to fit around a curriculum with a finite team of staff and about million other objectives to sort, this 5 year thing is just disappointing, 7 perhaps.

I hear you on all points. But be careful wishing for Mac OS, they are now pushing updates without any input from the admins. LTSC has been a huge labor saver for me, and I truly hope they will reconsider only distributing through 5 vendors and let us go back to downloading it from our accounts like the other operating systems.

Education is another perfect example of why this distribution should exist, we need stability, and releasing feature updates in the middle of the semesters is not very nice. And not all of us can afford cost or time to run SCCM or whatever they are calling it now. I may need to go back and use a WSUS server so I might have a little control, but that means more time to go in and approve updates, etc.

That said, I’m going to have to go through and build images of Enterprise for my computers and hope that a change happens and I can roll out the newer LTSC instead. In fact, many people still use Windows 7 with the only problem besides of possible security issues that web browsers won’t update anymore over this platform. But I love the steadiness and quietness of windows LTSC, only security fixes but not huge updates that bothers people’s life.

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Showing results for. Show only Search instead for. Did you mean:. Sign In. Find out more. Joe Lurie. Published PM What are we announcing today? What should I do if I need to install or upgrade to the next version, but I need the year lifecycle for my device?

Senior Member. This specialized edition of Windows 10 is for long-term usage. Download x64 ISO. Download x86 ISO. The next phase will guide you for installation. You can also use a third-party tool for this purpose. There are various tools, but I will recommend Rufus in this context.

I will recommend you to use it if you are an expert user of Windows. This specialized edition contains powerful security features for the larger business firms. Since they have more sensitive data, Microsoft adds essential tools to it to secure their data. Even, connected to a network, no unauthorized person can access data. Cortana, your digital assistant is even more powerful in it. Just enter your desired keywords to search the meaning of something, file, folder, image or anything on the web.

It is a specialized version of Windows that has been built for particular devices. Internet Explorer has a smoother performance. You will experience a safe and secure browsing, emailing and performance in it. It is a long-term based Windows for particular devices and firms. You may be using a scratched DVD.


[Windows 10 enterprise 2019 ltsc 1903 free download


Windows 10, version , all editions More Need more help? Expand your skills. Get new features first. Was this information helpful? Yes No. Thank you! Any more feedback? The more you tell us the more we can help. Can you help us improve? Resolved my issue. Portions of the work done during the offline phases of a Windows update have been moved to the online phase.

This change results in a significant reduction of offline time when installing updates. For more information, see We’re listening to you. SetupDiag is a new command-line tool that can help diagnose why a Windows 10 update failed.

SetupDiag works by searching Windows Setup log files. When it searches log files, SetupDiag uses a set of rules to match known issues. In the current version of SetupDiag there are 53 rules contained in the rules. The rules. If you have shared devices deployed in your work place, Fast sign-in enables users to quickly sign in to a shared Windows 10 PC.

We’re introducing “web sign-in,” a new way of signing into your Windows PC. Update Compliance helps you to keep Windows 10 devices in your organization secure and up-to-date. Update Compliance is a solution built using OMS Log Analytics that provides information about installation status of monthly quality and feature updates.

Details are provided about the deployment progress of existing updates and the status of future updates. Information is also provided about devices that might need attention to resolve issues. New capabilities in Update Compliance let you monitor Windows Defender protection status, compare compliance with industry peers, and optimize bandwidth for deploying updates.

For more information about accessibility, see Accessibility information for IT Professionals. Also see the accessibility section in What’s new in the Windows 10 April Update.

In the Feedback and Settings page under Privacy Settings, you can now delete the diagnostic data your device has sent to Microsoft. You can also view this diagnostic data using the Diagnostic Data Viewer app. The new chromium-based Microsoft Edge has many improvements targeted to kiosks.

You can download and install Microsoft Edge separately. For more information, see Download and deploy Microsoft Edge for business. If you wish to take advantage of Kiosk capabilities in Microsoft Edge , consider Kiosk mode with a semi-annual release channel. The OS uninstall period is a length of time that users are given when they can optionally roll back a Windows 10 update. Using the new wizards in Windows Configuration Designer, you can create provisioning packages to enroll devices in Azure Active Directory.

Azure AD join in bulk is available in the desktop, mobile, kiosk, and Surface Hub wizards. The following new group policy and mobile device management MDM settings are added to help you configure Windows Spotlight user experiences:. For more information, see Configure Windows Spotlight on the lock screen. Previously, the customized taskbar could only be deployed using Group Policy or provisioning packages.

More MDM policy settings are available for Start and taskbar layout. New MDM policy settings include:. By enrolling devices in Azure AD, you increase the visibility of feedback submitted by users in your organization – especially on features that support your specific business needs.

For details, see Windows Insider Program for Business. For more information, see Windows Insider Program for Business. It’s also supported with other third-party updating and management products that implement this new functionality. The above changes can be made available to Windows 10, version , by installing the April cumulative update. Delivery Optimization policies now enable you to configure other restrictions to have more control in various scenarios.

For more information, see Configure Delivery Optimization for Windows updates. Starting with Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC , in-box apps that were uninstalled by the user won’t automatically reinstall as part of the feature update installation process. Additionally, apps de-provisioned by admins on Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC machines will stay de-provisioned after future feature update installations. Among other things, these CSPs enable you to configure a few hundred of the most useful group policy settings via MDM.

The DynamicManagement CSP allows you to manage devices differently depending on location, network, or time. For example, managed devices can have cameras disabled when at a work location, the cellular service can be disabled when outside the country to avoid roaming charges, or the wireless network can be disabled when the device isn’t within the corporate building or campus. Once configured, these settings will be enforced even if the device can’t reach the management server when the location or network changes.

The dynamic management CSP enables configuration of policies that change how the device is managed in addition to setting the conditions on which the change occurs. The CleanPC CSP allows removal of user-installed and pre-installed applications, with the option to persist user data.

For example, you can require storage card encryption on mobile devices, or require encryption for operating system drives. For more information, see Configuration options for the Office Deployment Tool. For more information, see What’s new in mobile device enrollment and management. For more information, see Enroll a Windows 10 device automatically using Group Policy.

Multiple new configuration items are also added. For more information, see What’s new in MDM enrollment and management. The Windows version of mobile application management MAM is a lightweight solution for managing company data access and security on personal devices. For more info, see Implement server-side support for mobile application management on Windows. By introducing auto-logging for mobile devices, Windows will automatically collect logs when encountering an error in MDM, eliminating the need to have always-on logging for memory-constrained devices.

Additionally, we’re introducing Microsoft Message Analyzer as another tool to help support personnel quickly reduce issues to their root cause, while saving time and cost. Previous versions of the Microsoft Application Virtualization Sequencer App-V Sequencer have required you to manually create your sequencing environment.

These cmdlets automatically create your sequencing environment for you, including provisioning your virtual machine. Additionally, the App-V Sequencer has been updated to let you sequence or update multiple apps at the same time, while automatically capturing and storing your customizations as an App-V project template. Learn more about the diagnostic data that’s collected at the Basic level and some examples of the types of data that is collected at the Full level.

This version of Windows 10 introduces Windows Mixed Reality. For more information, see Enable or block Windows Mixed Reality apps in the enterprise. Several network stack enhancements are available in this release. Skip to main content. This browser is no longer supported. Table of contents Exit focus mode.

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