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Custom art for playlist and album covers – Playlist, Favorites and Sorting – Audirvana

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What the app needs is better filtering options. For example, I would like to set filters and toggle them on and off rather than editing the criteria every time. Also filtering using one filter with several criteria would be good.

For example I would like to toggle on a filter almost like Roon bookmarks to show me all my Shostakovich symphonies. And finally it would be great if the library could combine my local and Qobuz music so I could search across my whole collection local music and Qobuz favourites. Operation can be flakey. App seems to have a hard time dealing with its data. Screen flickers, playback stops etc. And perhaps most annoying of all, the playback screen does not allow browsing previous or upcoming tracks without actually playing them And no chance of a refund, nice System!

Will use iTunes until I can find some professional software. Hello, thank you for your feedback regarding our Remote App. If you want to see the upcoming track you can do it by going in the play queue by taping the icon on the right corner of the screen in the playback screen.

Update 11 Nov Thanks for Developer feedback. Working well now with latest updates. New interface is quick and stable and in my view, an improvement. Sounds as good as ever.

Completely unpopulated screen for local and Qobuz music. Cannot find any information about fixing this in support area. This is the main benefit of Audirvana for me so no 5 star review unless it can be fixed. The Mac is connected by Ethernet cable rather than wirelessly with both Audirvana and Qobuz programs left open. Sound quality output from Audirvana is excellent. Can you ensure you have the latest version of Audirvana on your Mac?

On the M1, the albums all show ok as does the album art. How can I get all album art to show? Also, how do I organise my library so that the albums are shown in alphabetical order by artist name as I do in iTunes? Note: By clicking on the Debug Info button, Audirvana automatically copies all its content, all you have to do is paste it in response to this message. Scrolling down further, I can see albums listed in alphabetical order by artist…doh!

Same problem on my 2 old macs! Macbook pro crashes on artists tab scrolling down with black artist arts. Very frustrating and weird thing…. This happens on both the M1 and Macbook Pro. Not a big issue but could be a bug in Audirvana? Thanks again. The problem is that iTunes stores the covers in its proprietary database, instead of recording them in the audio file metadata as it should be according to current standards.

The first solution is to perform a synchronization according to method 2: Synchronization of the iTunes library Audirvana Plus Preferences Library page. If this is not enough, then the covers must be added directly. If it is only one or a few albums that are missing their cover, you can retrieve them from the web, and drop the image file directly onto the cover of the album in Audirvana Plus.

If it is a large number of albums, then you can use a tool to recover missing metadata, such as MusicBrainz Picard. For the searching criteria we will need to take a look at it as we could reproduce the issue on our side. Can you search for Black Joe Lewis?



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All we audirvan now is bitperfect exclusive audio out of Apple Music on the desktop it is already there on iOS. I stream nothing it’s all on internal HD. As far as I am aware, all music players worth their salt can deal with audirvana album art free download cover art work. But embedding makes you feel more secure, then by all means! Play Apple Music and manage your media and iOS devices. App Store Preview.